ASID vs. NARI Chopped Challenge

It's official: I am one of the chefs in an upcoming ASID vs. NARI Chopped Cooking Challenge! My participation has been announced publicly and there is no going back now...

I am one of four chefs on NARI team and we will need all support and cheers we can get!

Come and see me cook myself silly on November 9th, 5pm, at the beautiful Monark showroom in Santa Clara. It shapes to be a really fun evening!

Shoot anatomy - my version

Why does it take an hour to shoot a single image?
1. Finding the right angle (I prefer to do my homework ahead of time: scouting the location and review all the images on a large screen to find the best take before the actual shoot)
2. Nailing just perfect composition (fine-tuning the camera position and the exact view - those tweaks can take time but its essential. Best lit image will suffer if the composition is not just right!)
3. Styling - I am often sick of fluffing pillows and rearranging the chairs. Always the chairs... God bless my assistant for lifting the heavy furniture - but even the little stuff can be a pain - the flowers, the soap dish... It all matters.
4. Lights - an art on its own. If you are true to it, blasting the space with few strobes is a no-no. Read the space, apply the right tool... And make it perfect.
5. Did I mentioned packing, unpacking and moving all my equipment between the shots? Again - god bless you Aldrin:-)

And that's just the shoot. Post-processing is another beast altogether.
Why I do it all? Because I love it. And I love the results :-) Nothing more satisfying than a gorgeous end image.

Illustration - one more example of before and after - deceptively simple image from a shoot I did yesterday of a Woodside, CA, residence (sauna built by TB Construction): a scouting shot and a final image.

Look to Luxe Magazine, Nov edition!

I just found out the most exciting news: A work I have photographed for Studio K Kitchens and Design (design) and EBCON Corporation (construction) will be featured in Nov/Dec issue of the Luxe Magazine, San Francisco edition! This is absolutely thrilling for all involved! Congratulations to Kristen from Studio K and Erik from EBCON on this achievement. I am happy and grateful for being part of your team!