Cuban Connection

Not really a news but I wanted to share this. It made my heart sing!

During my visit in Havana back in January I stayed at a private house. I became friends with our gracious host, Magali, who prepared our breakfast every morning. She noticed I carry a nice camera and towards the end of my stay asked me to take some pictures of her place to promote it on Airbnb. I do not think she was aware I do architectural photography professionally! My Spanish is limited to asking for directions and ordering a beer and her English was not much better either lol!

In either case - I thought it would be a really nice "thank you" gift for her hospitality and I took few images of the apartment.  Nothing fancy - just an ambient light as I was on vacation and traveled light. After receiving the pictures she sent me this email:

"Qué lindas, qué lindas, qué lindas  están las fotos!  No sé si alguien que reserve por ellas se arrepienta cuando llegue a casa, parece otra.   Son bellas.  Yo las miro y vuelvo a mirarlas y me parecen una obra de arte.  Creo que lo son…"

Translation (thanks to AHL): "I love them, I love them I love those pictures! I am afraid that when someone make a reservation for the room based on the pictures would be disappointed when they arrive here, the house looks like a different place. Amazing pictures,  I see them once and again, each of them a masterpiece,  I really think  they are..."

It absolutely made my day! To make someone so happy with my photography is all I can ask for.

Casa Magali