Marketing for Architects AIA panel discussion

Next Wednesday, May 17th, AIA SF hosts panel discussion event "Marketing for Architects and the Future of Architectural Photography". As the AIA website describes, the panel "will explore the role that architectural photography currently plays in the dissemination and promotion of architects' works."

"Traditionally, highly specialized formal architectural photography was the preeminent means by which architects displayed and promoted their finished projects, typically disseminated through print periodicals and books specializing in the presentation of the built environment. However, with drastic changes in technology resulting in improvements in computer-generated renderings, the increasing importance of the Internet, and major changes in the publishing industry, the role that formal architectural photography has played has been changing; and it is the goal of this discussion to explore these changes and to help architects gain a better understanding of how they can use photography for their marketing, as well as to assist architectural photographers to gain a better understanding of architects’ needs in the current economic and technological environment."

The panelists are a diverse group consisting of representatives from architectural firms and the publishing industry. To see panelist bios and to register, visit the event page:

Social hour starts at 6pm and yes, you will likely find me by that wine table:-) Hope to see you there!