Shoot anatomy - my version

Why does it take an hour to shoot a single image?
1. Finding the right angle (I prefer to do my homework ahead of time: scouting the location and review all the images on a large screen to find the best take before the actual shoot)
2. Nailing just perfect composition (fine-tuning the camera position and the exact view - those tweaks can take time but its essential. Best lit image will suffer if the composition is not just right!)
3. Styling - I am often sick of fluffing pillows and rearranging the chairs. Always the chairs... God bless my assistant for lifting the heavy furniture - but even the little stuff can be a pain - the flowers, the soap dish... It all matters.
4. Lights - an art on its own. If you are true to it, blasting the space with few strobes is a no-no. Read the space, apply the right tool... And make it perfect.
5. Did I mentioned packing, unpacking and moving all my equipment between the shots? Again - god bless you Aldrin:-)

And that's just the shoot. Post-processing is another beast altogether.
Why I do it all? Because I love it. And I love the results :-) Nothing more satisfying than a gorgeous end image.

Illustration - one more example of before and after - deceptively simple image from a shoot I did yesterday of a Woodside, CA, residence (sauna built by TB Construction): a scouting shot and a final image.