Contest! Winner!!!

Few days ago I posted a contest with a photo-riddle. People I showed the image to had myriad associations with it (flower, snake head, peacock feather....) but no one guessed correctly until now. Today we have a winner! Congratulations to Craig who correctly guessed that the mysterious shape is a dried-up river.

I took the picture on a hike along the beach near Half Moon Bay, CA.  The stream was originally flowing into the Pacific, I was actually standing on a bridge while taking the photo, but the day I saw it the river was almost completely dried-up leaving this beautiful swirling, organic pattern on a sand. 

I need to add that I was not trying to make the contest hard purposefully: beside converting to B&W, cropping and adjusting the contrast, the image was unaltered. If you look carefully you can actually see dog paw prints in the sand:-)

Again: congratulations Craig, please email me ( which one is the print you would like to own (please feel free to choose from any of the images featured on this website)  and where should I send the print to.