Downton Burlingame

If you haven't visited downtown Burlingame for a while you will be up for a treat! I have not been there for couple of years and was surprised to discover how beautiful it turned upon my recent visit there. I have always thought it to be a lovely street with great shops and restaurants, but after seeing it last week I vote it the most beautiful small downtown in the Bay Area! It's a small town charm married with sophisticated finish of an upscale urban area. Polished every morning to a shine.

This is the setting for the newest Kit and Ace store, opened just two weeks ago. Lovely location is matched by the store interior: cute little boutique with airy design, simple yet sophisticated. Understated artwork just feels natural within the space and both the merchandise and the decoration feels harmonious and symbiotic. Nothings is overwhelming and you have to slow down and take in your surrounding to notice all the thoughtful little touches like for example custom made light fixtures designed by local artist with Kit and Ace's logo.

Oh, another thing I should not forget: super nice staff (Athina and Brian) that was a pleasure for me to work with. Yes - they actually paid for my street parking since I had no change.

Go check them out and feel fancy!