2015 Visual San Jose Historic Photo Contest Winner!

Today I was proven, once again, that sometimes we are our own worst critics. We do not give our work the value it deserves - especially true of artists!

When two weeks ago I received an email from The Preservation Action Council of San Jose (PACSJ) asking me to bring a framed print of the photo I submitted for their Historic San Jose contest to be exhibited together with other finalist I was thrilled. Not only I was one of the contest finalist but my picture was to be displayed for all to see! I brought the print for the exhibition and decided  to just enjoy the moment. After all I did see all the other finalists! There was not much hope in my mind for making it to the top ten...

 The Preservation Action Council of San Jose partnered with San Jose Historic Landmark Commission and with CONTENT MAGAZINE in hosting Visual San Jose Historic photo contest for 2015. There were total of 163 entries, 60 finalists were on exhibit at Southern Lumber Company Since June 3rd, and today, June 16, 6:30pm winners were announced:

1st place in professional category: "Yellow House, Little Italy" by Agnieszka Jakubowicz

Seeing that blue ribbon attached to my picture still seems surreal.

On the other hand the great prizes I was awarded are very real:-)  Not just the material things: my image is going to be published in CONTENT MAGAZINE (August). And of course lets not forget the best prize of them all: the bragging rights :-))))