Aniket Nagdive, Iowa State University

Organic Progression

In an urban milieu of Chicago this residential building along the Lake Michigan, stand unique with complementing to its surrounding. The structure in this landscape feels something contained rather than a rigid framework. Exposed concrete and brick walls are systematically designed to allow volume of air and light to pass through the building. The spaces are designed considering the usability of the area and its connectivity with the outside world. The juxtaposing of the spaces are done in such a way that it feels they are evolve in an organic progression. The outside sitting space is oriented towards Lake Michigan which gives a canonical view of the surrounding. The sitting lounge consist of two unique spaces, an alcove library in which we can enjoy reading in an enclosed space and a visual corner, I call it as a magical sit out, where we can see an infinite Lake Michigan along with the building skyline. Two bedrooms with attached bathroom are located towards west which are accessible through dreaming space. Dreaming space is a semi enclosed transparent roof space between two bedrooms where we can rest and see the night sky for long hours, hence entering towards dream world. The south is consist of kitchen /dinning space along with one bedroom which are connected with the outside view of the surroundings.