Megan Dougherty, NewSchool of Architecture & Design

TRANSITION | a residence in Encinitas, CA

By altering the perception of what defines indoor and outdoor spaces, the Southern California dream of experiencing beautiful weather follows residents through every space in the home. Large skylights, floor to ceiling glazing, trellising, and the continuation of exterior finishes to the interior of the home blurs the line between indoor and outdoor. An orchard courtyard is situated in the center of the house and surrounded by glazing to allow additional light into circulation spaces and allow transparency throughout the house.

The only spaces completely enclosed from the rest of the structure are the private spaces for the owners including their master suite and guest bathroom. This home is designed for a couple close to retirement. It is ideal for entertaining and comfortable for the owners. Overnight guests have a place to stay, but these sleeping nooks are open to the rest of the house, with little privacy. Areas inhabited a majority of the time by the owners are double height, while areas mostly inhabited by guests are single height.

Although the garage is separated from the rest of the structure by a door, the glazed walls allow for a visual connection. The living room, dining room, foyer, and kitchen inhabit one large area, which spreads onto an outdoor terrace. In addition to a circulatory connection, a program connection is also included with a shared indoor/outdoor fireplace between the living room and terrace. To allow easy entry into the home, a flat path is cut into the hillside at the sidewalk level. Steps lead visitors through an open entry way to the front door, which is hidden from the street.

Plentiful opportunities for natural ventilation and daylight, along with a solar panel array on the roof allow this coastline home to be energy efficient and support a sustainable lifestyle.