Contest Results

After the weeks of waiting it is time to announce the winners.

But before we get to the exciting part let me first give big “thank you” to all the contestants for the participation and of course for the hard work they all put in the designs submitted. I was very happy to see many ingenious and beautiful solutions. I truly believe that the architects are people with power to shape our everyday environment – for better or for worse. There is truly no such thing as small task: a building, a doorway, a staircase… first only abstract lines on a piece of paper, when realized will serve and affect people using it or even just passing by. For many years to come.

I am an idealist and I would like all architecture to be design with the goal of serving the function AND adding beauty to all our lives. I organized this contest hoping to promote this idea – if only on a small scale. I am convinced that all of the people who made an effort to participate will add great contributions to the world we live in. I am looking forward to see what they will do!

I would also like to thank all the family, friends, teachers and colleagues who supported the contestants. I am sure you made and continue making a great positive impact on those young people.

Last but not least, I want to thank Davide Giannella of Acadia Architecture who graciously agreed to be the judge for this competition. His kind help and guidance are greatly appreciated.

We had fun with looking at all the entries and certainly enjoyed many interesting ideas and novel concepts, BUT – there can only be three winners. So, here we go:


  • 3rd prize, the audience pick, $250 and professional photography*, is awarded to Juan Cequera (Technical University Berlin/UC Berkeley cooperation) for the highest number of  audience votes (93)

  • 2nd prize, the sponsor pick, $750 and professional photography*, is awarded to Erling Berg (Academy of Art University, San Francisco) for the functional and appealing design that that is livable as well as in harmony with the environment. We liked the use of locally sourced materials and the simple, understated nature of the building.

  • 1st prize, the judge pick, $1500 and professional photography*, is awarded to the Allied Arts & Architecture University of Oregon Team for the ASH House Design. We liked the separate public and private wings with a transparent, thin tendon connecting them giving access to the rear courtyard.  We think it gracefully embraces the site - instead of just landing a large volume it provides a more organic layout. The unusual angles help getting away from a rigid floor plan and afford best views. The striking characteristic of this design is how it uses vernacular shapes, simple gabled and shed roofs espouse a modern open floor plan, there’s no pointless search for avant-garde shapes, but tranquil volumes rendered inviting via large glazed openings on the walls like on the roofs. Locally sourced materials, the attention to the ludic side of the lifestyle with a rumpus room, climbing walls, stepladders, invite to a playful experience of the space. The outdoor mudroom and the transparent canopy by the garage provide an informal, non-pretentious entry point and attitude to this house in the woods. Finally the renditions of the projects are also done tastefully and with an artsy edge.

  • We would also like to give a special award, professional photography*, to Talyssa D'avila of Woodbury University in San Diego. We really liked that she made an extensive research and effort to update existing 1950’s houses in a typical suburban neighborhood. She provided different options for varied lifestyles and the renovations included eco features (rain water collection, solar energy for charging station).

* professional photography award is a one-time photography service of either an architectural model or completed building. Consists of a 3 image package production and professional retouching. Valid for 5 years.


We ask that the winners contact us via email to claim the awards:

Good luck with future endeavors to all of you.